Kids Art Classes

At Tubrid studios our aim is to explore the arts in a fun and creative way, exploring many different mediums such as paper maché, drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, pottery, paper craft, oil pastel and fabric art. Each class is tailored to suit the individual needs and interests of the children, to ensure that their love of art confidently develops.  As well as creating beautiful art works and keepsake’s, Art has a lot of other benefits such as improving motor skills, developing creative thinking, observation and analytical skills and of course not to forget that art classes build self-confidence.

Evening Classes.

Tuesday evenings (only) art craft 6pm- 7pm weekly €10 per class. Note, from September 2017 prices will go up to €12 per class.
Easter, Summer and Halloween Camps run and details will be posted near the dates. Please click here to see updated timetable.
(class sizes, 10 children max)

Summer camps.

Summer camps run from Monday to Friday for the months ofJune, July and August from 10.30am to 1.30pm.
Dates will be posted on the Website in April 2017.Cost per child:
€125 per week and all materials are provided. Family discounts apply.
(class sizes, 10 children max)