Kids Pottery

Clay is a unique art medium because it is highly responsive to touch and very forgiving. As soon as children are given clay, they immediately begin to mold and shape it. Hand-building methods such as coiling, slab-building, modeling, sculpting, slip decoration and glazing are taught. The feeling that they are in command of the clay gives the students the confidence to attempt any project which leads to greater self expression and imagination. Clay is different from other art mediums in that it requires an understanding of the three dimensional world. They begin to understand shape, form and perspective, and therefore get a first lesson in geometry.  They gain knowledge of planning methods and problem solving as they map out their three dimensional project.  We encourage the children to think on their own and help with the planning experience.

Class Times.

Classes usually run on Saturdays but please click here to see if there is any update on summer camps or dates.
10.30am to 12pm and teens 2pm to 3.30pm

Rates for Saturday pottery classes.
€15 per child and a discount of €5 for registering a second child.